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Should I Retire in Northern Virginia?

September 15th, 2023

By Sofia Alonso

4 min read

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You've worked hard your whole life, and now it's time to enjoy the fruits of your labor during your golden years. Retirement is that magical chapter when you get to kick back and savor life. But here's the catch: where should you spend this exciting phase? It's a big decision, with many factors to consider, and we understand the weight it carries. 

That's where we come in. At AV Architects + Builders, we have over 20 years experience guiding countless clients in the Northern Virginia area through the process of deciding which retirement option is best for them and why. Francisca, our co-founder and CEO, has lived in Northern Virginia since 1987 and feels deeply rooted in the community. 

In this article, we will discuss the many reasons that make Northern Virginia a fantastic place to retire. Whether you already live in Northern Virginia or are considering moving to the area for retirement, there is a lot to consider in terms of how you want to live in your next stage of life. 

Virginia Voted #1 State to Retire in U.S.

A 2023 study measured affordability, quality of life, and health care to declare Virginia as the number one state to retire in the U.S.


9 Reasons Why Northern Virginia is the Best Place to Retire


1. Delightful Weather

Northern Virginia's climate is a prime draw for retirees. The region enjoys a climate that strikes a Goldilocks-like balance. It avoids the sweltering heat of Florida and the bone-chilling winters of New England, offering moderate temperatures and a delightful change of seasons. This temperate weather allows retirees to enjoy outdoor activities year-round, whether it's hiking in the spring, picnicking in the summer, admiring the fall foliage, or even cozying up by the fireplace in the winter.


2. Exciting Lifestyle

Northern Virginia caters to a diverse range of interests, ensuring that retirees never run out of exciting things to do. Whether you're an art enthusiast who enjoys leisurely strolls through world-class museums, an adventurer seeking invigorating hikes in the Great Falls or Shenandoah Valley, or someone who relishes the simple pleasure of sipping wine at one of the region's numerous wineries, this vibrant area has something for everyone. From cultural events to outdoor adventures, retirees can tailor their lifestyle to their preferences.


3. Easy Transportation

Maintaining connections with family and friends is a breeze in Northern Virginia, thanks to its stellar transportation infrastructure. With three major airports—Dulles International (IAD), Baltimore/Washington International (BWI), and Ronald Reagan Washington National (DCA)—and an extensive network of highways and expressways, retirees enjoy convenient access to visit loved ones or embark on exciting adventures. Whether you're planning a family reunion or a spontaneous weekend getaway, transportation is hassle-free.


4. Diverse Home Styles

The housing market in Northern Virginia has flourished over the past decade, offering retirees an abundance of housing options to choose from. Whether you're looking for an active adult community that fosters a sense of community and camaraderie, a spacious single-family home to accommodate family visits, or a chic city-center condo for urban living, you'll find a home that perfectly aligns with your tastes, budget, and desired retirement lifestyle. The variety of housing options ensures that retirees can comfortably settle into their dream homes.


5. Top-Notch Healthcare

Northern Virginia boasts a top-tier healthcare system, with renowned hospitals and specialized care facilities throughout the region. Retirees can revel in peace of mind knowing that exceptional healthcare services are readily available. With 95 hospitals and geriatrics centers, Virginia offers easy access to medical care, ensuring that retirees receive the best possible healthcare during their retirement years. Military retirees can also benefit from the Department of Veterans Affairs medical centers located in various locations, further enhancing healthcare accessibility.


6. Tax-Friendly Virginia

Finances play a crucial role in retirement planning, and Virginia stands out as a tax-friendly state, making it an enticing option for retirees seeking to navigate their financial landscape efficiently. Virginia boasts some of the nation's lowest overall tax rates. This favorable tax environment encompasses income taxes, property taxes, and sales taxes. WalletHub, a financial analysis platform, has even ranked Virginia as the number one state for retirement, factoring in affordability, quality of life, and healthcare. This ranking underscores the state's commitment to offering retirees a financially stable and comfortable retirement.


7. Safety and Serenity

Virginia's reputation as one of the safest states in the nation is well-deserved and adds a layer of peace and tranquility to retirement life. The state boasts impressively low property crime rates, giving retirees confidence in the security of their homes and possessions. Equally important, Virginia has a significantly lower violent crime rate than the national average, ensuring retirees can enjoy their lifestyle without undue worry about personal safety. This safety and serenity contribute to a high quality of life, allowing retirees to explore their interests, relax, and connect with their communities without fear.


8. Blending City and Country Lifestyles

Northern Virginia offers retirees the unique advantage of seamlessly blending the vibrancy of city life with the serenity of the countryside. The region is situated just outside the nation's capital, Washington D.C., providing easy access to the bustling urban scene, with its museums, theaters, and cultural attractions. At the same time, retirees can effortlessly escape the urban hustle and venture into the scenic Shenandoah and Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia. This combination of city and country living ensures retirees have a diverse range of experiences at their doorstep, from cultural excursions to outdoor adventures, allowing them to curate their retirement lifestyle to their liking.


9. Rich Historical Heritage

Virginia's rich historical heritage adds depth and fascination to retirement living. As one of the original 13 colonies, the state is steeped in U.S. history, offering retirees a wealth of historical landmarks and sites to explore. From the iconic Jamestown colony, where America's first permanent English settlement was established, to the historic battlefield of Revolutionary Yorktown, Virginia's historical significance is undeniable. Retirees can also visit Thomas Jefferson's Monticello, the elegant plantation home of one of America's Founding Fathers, or delve into the Civil War history at sites like Appomattox Court House, where the conflict effectively ended. This historical immersion allows retirees to connect with the nation's past and gain a deeper appreciation for the roots of American history.

Let AV Architects Help you Retire to Northern Virginia

As you stand on the threshold of your well-deserved retirement, the question of where to spend your golden years is of paramount importance. The choices you make now will shape this exciting chapter of your life, and we understand the gravity of this decision.

At AV Architects + Builders, with over two decades of experience, we have been privileged to guide numerous clients in Northern Virginia through this crucial decision-making process. In this article, we've explored the myriad reasons why Northern Virginia stands out as an exceptional retirement destination. Whether you already call this region home or are considering it for your retirement, Northern Virginia offers a wealth of possibilities to help you craft the retirement you've always dreamed of.

In conclusion, Northern Virginia beckons as a prime retirement destination, offering a wealth of benefits, from its tax-friendly policies and safety to its unique blend of urban and rural living, and its rich historical tapestry. 


What’s Next?

Okay, so you want to retire in Northern Virginia. Now, you need to decide how you want to live. There are several options and the right choice for you depends on that answer to this question: what amenities do I want in my retirement community?

Now that you understand why Virginia was voted the best state to retire in the U.S., check out this helpful article to compare the different options for retirement that Northern Virginia offers. 



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