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How to Find Land to Build on in Northern Virginia

March 24th, 2023

By Sofia Alonso

3 min read

Modern Style Custom Home by AV Architects and Builders in Great Falls Northern Virginia


Finding the perfect piece of land to build your dream home on can be a daunting task, especially in  the Northern Virginia area that has high development and limited availability of land. Since it is adjacent to Washington D.C., Northern Virginia is an extremely desirable location to live in for many people who work in the District and DC metro area. 


Even with that said, there are several ways to go about finding the right lot for your new home that meets your unique desires and budget.

As custom home builders in Northern Virginia for over 20 years, AV Architects + Builders has gathered knowledge on the process of finding and purchasing the right lot for your new build. 

Whether you are looking for several acres in Great Falls or ¼ of an acre in Arlington, there are several ways to find land to build on in Northern Virginia and in this article we’ll explore each of those ways so that you can know how to find the perfect lot to turn your dream home into a reality

1. Subdivision

One way you can find a suitable lot for your new home is to approach a production builder. 

Production builders typically purchase large plots of land, divide the area into single lots, and build a neighborhood of homes. The builder will usually develop the land with streets and sidewalks, creating a neighborhood, also known as a subdivision. 

2. Infill Lots

Another option to find land for your new home is to talk to a semi-custom home builder. 

These builders often have a small inventory of lots that they own and offer them to their clients. Some builders even offer financing options for their homes, but it varies from builder to builder. 

The type of lots that these builders purchase are called infill lots. These are smaller plots or singular lots that are scattered throughout developed areas.  

3. Real Estate Agent

You may also consider contacting a real estate agent to help you find vacant land or teardown lots for sale in your desired area. 

They have access to MLS and can provide valuable insights into neighborhood and land availability. 

4. Personal Connections

Additionally, you can reach out to your personal connections and ask friends and family for referrals or even drive around your desired neighborhood to find potential leads.

You might be surprised at the hidden gems that can be found by simply asking around. Keep an open mind and explore all the options available to you, and you just might find the perfect plot of land to build your dream home in Northern Virginia. 

5. Architect-Led Design-Build

Finally, at AV Architects + Builders we offer a unique service as an all-in-one design-build firm where we can help you find a lot to build on. 

We have a licensed real estate agent on staff with access to MLS and off-market listings. We also have strong connections with many realtors who often present us with listing opportunities. 

Lastly, homeowners often contact us directly and offer to sell their property to our firm. 

While our firm does not purchase lots just to hold them, we do maintain a database of available lots to provide our clients with access to a wider range of potential land options.

Modern Style Custom Home by AV Architects and Builders in Great Falls Northern Virginia

The Woodlands House

Which Type of Builder is Right for Me?

Building a home is an exciting, but challenging process that requires careful consideration of several factors, including what type of builder to choose. 

Many people don’t realize the connection between finding a lot and selecting a builder for your project. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to select the right one for your needs. 

As custom home builders in the Northern Virginia area for over 20 years, we have spoken with many buyers who were also unaware of the different types of builders available to them. And that’s exactly why we aim to educate and inform people who are interested in learning more about the home building process. 

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