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How to Transform Your Home into Your Own Personal Vacation Style Retreat

April 10th, 2022

By Antonio Alonso

2 min read


Six main design components to a Vacation style home

Understanding the client’s needs and focusing on how they want to live is the essence of a successful custom home design.  Over the years, how has your home transformed?  Are their rooms you use more than others?  Are you looking to build or renovate?  These are important questions when looking to create your own vacation retreat inside your home. The following six concepts will help you take the mystery out of building or remodeling and create a fully functional custom home design that makes your feel like you’re on vacation all year-round.

  1. Balance
    A custom vacation style home is in “balance” on all sides, like a sphere with no sides. Too many custom home designs look great from the front exterior, however they lack the consistency throughout the rest of the home.  Make sure your custom home design doesn’t dedicate more effort and time into one part of the home as the home needs to function as one.
  2. Open Concept
    An open concept floor plan makes use of each room within the home, so the house flows smoothly and feels open and inviting.  This is one of the most important aspects of a custom home design looking to have a vacation-like atmosphere.
  3. Clean Views
    Your vacation style design should have a clear view to the outdoor spaces of your home and the multiple indoor/outdoor transitional spaces.  Combined with an open concept floor plan, this can make your home really appear bigger in size.
  4. Natural Light
    Natural light has a tremendous impact on a home.  It can really set the mood and atmosphere of the home if done properly, so make sure windows are placed appropriately in the most important gathering areas of your home.  Also make sure you pay attention to architectural lighting and its benefits to accent the feel of a Vacation Style Living® home.
  5. Simple Lines
    Your design should have simple lines and details that make you feel relaxed and at ease.  Sometimes too many lines are seen as being too busy or too much attention to detail.  They can add clutter to your home and make the home feel smaller and darker, so be careful in your planning.
  6. Natural Materials
    Include natural materials that are genuine and authentic.  Natural Materials are beautiful to look at, touch, feel, and really grab your attention.  Some examples that are rich in texture are stone, brick, hardwood, glass, fabrics, and metals.

What Now? Well, different custom home designs have difference needs and requirements.  If you’re looking for a home that feels open, free of clutter, and allows you to relax, consider these six design components so that you too can live like you’re on vacation, all year-round.


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