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Residential Plumbing Trends of 2023: Interview with Ferguson

January 4th, 2024

By Sofia Alonso

5 min read

In a recent interview, Francisca Alonso, CEO and Co-Founder of AV Architects + Builders, sat down with Taylor Viands, a plumbing specialist at Ferguson Enterprises in Chantilly, Virginia, to discuss the latest trends in residential plumbing for 2023. Their discussion offers valuable insights for homeowners and designers alike. This exchange is particularly relevant for those looking to update or remodel their bathrooms and kitchens, providing a glimpse into the future of plumbing design. 

Ferguson is a leading distributor of residential and commercial plumbing supplies, as well as HVAC equipment, offering a wide range of products to professionals and homeowners alike. With a strong emphasis on customer service, Ferguson offers expert advice and support to its clients, helping them navigate through their vast inventory to find the perfect solutions for their needs. Ferguson operates a robust online platform,, which allows customers to browse and purchase products conveniently, alongside their numerous physical showrooms and service centers across the United States. 

At AV Architects + Builders, with our rich 23-year history in designing and building custom homes in Northern Virginia, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in home design. This article aims to serve as an essential guide for those undertaking home building or renovation projects, providing insights into the latest appliance trends and styles to elevate your living space.

Bringing together the expertise of Francisca Alonso, with her extensive experience in custom home building, and Taylor Viand's deep knowledge of the latest trends in residential plumbing, this interview provides a comprehensive overview of what's been most noteworthy in the world of plumbing in 2023.



Top Residential Plumbing Trends of 2023

#1 Faucets as Focal Points

One of the standout trends in 2023 is the emphasis on faucets as key design elements in bathrooms. No longer just functional pieces, faucets have become statement pieces, available in a variety of colors like gold and black, and featuring unique designs such as wheel-like handles. This shift reflects a broader trend in interior design where even the smallest details are used to express personality and style. Bathrooms are being transformed into spaces that showcase individuality, with faucets playing a central role in this transformation. The choice of faucet has become a crucial decision in bathroom design, akin to selecting a piece of art.

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 8.16.32 PM

Ferguson, Signature Hardware, Boca Raton Two Handle Widespread Bathroom Sink Faucet, Polished Nickel


Plumbing Technology Innovations of 2023

#1 Kohler Anthem

A significant innovation in 2023 is the Kohler Anthem, a system that simplifies the shower experience by consolidating all functions into a single square plate. This technology allows for a spa-like experience with features like rain heads and body sprays, without cluttering the wall with multiple handles. The Kohler Anthem exemplifies the industry's push towards sleek, clean designs that don't compromise on functionality or luxury. This innovation is particularly appealing to those seeking a minimalist aesthetic without sacrificing the luxury of a multi-functional shower. The Anthem system is a testament to the advancements in plumbing technology, offering both style and substance.


Best Plumbing Sellers of 2023

#1 Steam Showers

Steam showers have emerged as a top seller in 2023, driven by increased health consciousness and a desire for personal wellness spaces. The integration of steam functions with regular showers, complete with aroma and chromotherapy options, reflects a growing demand for multi-functional, health-oriented bathroom solutions. This trend is a response to the evolving lifestyle needs of homeowners, particularly in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. The popularity of steam showers indicates a shift towards creating more spa-like, therapeutic environments in the home.


Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 8.14.12 PMFerguson, Kohler, Anthem Four Handle Thermostatic Valve Trim, Vibrant Brushed Nickel


Consumer Plumbing Preferences of 2023

#1. Efficient and Innovative Solutions

Consumers in 2023 are looking for efficient yet innovative plumbing solutions. This desire for efficiency is balanced with a demand for products that are fun and add a unique touch to their spaces. The shift in finishes from chrome and satin nickel to a broader array of options indicates a move away from standardization towards more diverse and personalized choices. Homeowners are seeking fixtures that not only perform well but also reflect their personal style and enhance the overall look of their bathrooms and kitchens.

#1. Mixing Metals

Mixing metals has become a significant trend in the industry. Taylor highlights a project featuring a brushed bronze gold faucet with a hammered steel sink, showcasing how contrasting metals can create a stunning and timeless look. This trend breaks traditional design rules, encouraging creativity and individual expression in interior design. The ability to mix metals allows for more flexibility and innovation in design, enabling homeowners to create unique and personalized spaces.


Taylor’s Personal Favorite Plumbing Trend of 2023

#1. Statement Tubs

Taylor's favorite trend for 2023 is the emergence of statement tubs. These tubs are not just functional elements but works of art, transforming bathrooms into visually captivating spaces. Even for those who aren't avid tub users, the aesthetic appeal of these statement pieces can significantly enhance the ambiance of a bathroom. The trend towards statement tubs reflects a growing interest in making the bathroom a focal point of home design, where functionality meets artistry.

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 8.25.42 PM

Ferguson, Signature Hardware, Winifred 71-1/4 x 33-1/4 in. Soaker Freestanding Bathtub, Gloss White


Francisca’s Personal Favorite Plumbing Trend of 2023

#1. Dual Bathroom Spaces

Francisca Alonso notes that the concept of His and Her or Dual bathrooms has become a favorite trend from an architectural perspective. This trend caters to the growing desire for personalized spaces within homes, allowing for more tailored and individualized bathroom designs. The idea of separate bathrooms for each partner speaks to the increasing emphasis on personal space and customization in home design. This trend is particularly popular among couples who value their individual preferences and styles.


Residential Plumbing Trends of 2023 with AV Architects + Builders and ferguson

The enlightening conversation between Francisca Alonso and Taylor Viands at Ferguson Enterprises offers a comprehensive glimpse into the evolving landscape of residential plumbing in 2023. This discussion is particularly insightful for homeowners, architects, and designers seeking to integrate the latest plumbing trends into their projects. The insights shared by these industry experts highlight the dynamic nature of home design and the importance of staying abreast of the latest advancements in plumbing.

The year 2023 has seen a significant shift in plumbing design, with faucets emerging as focal points in bathroom aesthetics. This trend towards statement faucets, available in diverse colors and designs, reflects a broader movement in interior design towards personalization and style. Bathrooms are increasingly becoming spaces of individual expression, with every detail, including faucets, contributing to the overall ambiance.

Innovations like the Kohler Anthem system are revolutionizing the shower experience, combining functionality with sleek design. This system, which consolidates all shower functions into a single interface, exemplifies the industry's commitment to creating luxurious yet minimalist bathroom experiences. Such innovations cater to the modern homeowner's desire for efficient, space-saving, yet aesthetically pleasing solutions.

The popularity of steam showers as top sellers in 2023 underscores a growing focus on health and wellness in home design. These multi-functional, therapeutic fixtures align with the increasing demand for spa-like environments in the home, reflecting a shift towards more health-conscious living.

Consumer preferences in 2023 lean towards innovative yet efficient plumbing solutions that offer a blend of fun and functionality. The trend of mixing metals in fixtures, as highlighted by Taylor, showcases the industry's move towards more diverse and personalized design choices. This approach breaks traditional design norms, allowing for greater creativity and individual expression in home interiors.

The plumbing trends of 2023, as discussed in this interview, reflect a shift towards more personalized, efficient, and aesthetically driven design choices. These trends are shaping the future of residential plumbing, offering homeowners innovative ways to enhance both the functionality and beauty of their living spaces.

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