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Residential Appliance Trends of 2023: Interview with Ferguson Enterprises

January 4th, 2024

By Sofia Alonso

4 min read

Beginning a home renovation or building project can be an exciting yet daunting task, especially when it comes to selecting the right appliances for your new home. Understanding the latest trends and innovations in home appliances is crucial to making informed decisions that align with your lifestyle and preferences. 

In a recent interview, Francisca Alonso, CEO and Co-Founder of AV Architects + Builders, sat down with Jon Everhart, an appliance specialist at Ferguson Enterprises in Chantilly, Virginia, to discuss the latest trends in home appliances for 2023. Their conversation provided valuable insights into what's new and popular in the world of home appliances, reflecting the evolving needs and preferences of homeowners. 

The challenge many face in this dynamic market is staying ahead of the evolving trends and technological advancements in home appliances. With the industry constantly introducing new features and styles, it can be overwhelming to discern which trends are fleeting and which are here to stay. This uncertainty often leads to hesitation in making decisions that significantly impact the functionality and aesthetic of your home.

Ferguson is a leading distributor of residential and commercial plumbing supplies, as well as HVAC equipment, offering a wide range of products to professionals and homeowners alike. With a strong emphasis on customer service, Ferguson offers expert advice and support to its clients, helping them navigate through their vast inventory to find the perfect solutions for their needs. Ferguson operates a robust online platform,, which allows customers to browse and purchase products conveniently, alongside their numerous physical showrooms and service centers across the United States. 

At AV Architects + Builders, with our rich 23-year history in designing and building custom homes in Northern Virginia, we are dedicated to staying at the forefront of the latest trends and innovations in home design. This article aims to serve as an essential guide for those undertaking home building or renovation projects, providing insights into the latest appliance trends and styles to elevate your living space.

Bringing together the expertise of Francisca Alonso, with her extensive experience in custom home building, and Jon Everhart's deep knowledge of the latest appliance technologies and trends, this interview provides a comprehensive overview of what's been most noteworthy in the world of home appliances in 2023.



Top Residential Appliance Trends of 2023

#1 The Rise of Color

2023 has seen a significant trend towards color in appliances, with manufacturers offering more choices in colors and metal options for handles and knobs. This shift indicates a move away from traditional appliance aesthetics, allowing homeowners to personalize their spaces more creatively. 

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 7.50.03 PM

Ferguson, Kitchen Aid, Gas 6-Burner Freestanding Range, Misty Blue

#2 Outdoor Living 

Additionally, there has been a massive increase in outdoor living appliances, extending beyond just grills to include full outdoor kitchen setups. This trend aligns with the growing desire for more comprehensive and functional outdoor living spaces. Outdoor kitchens are becoming more than just a place to grill; they are evolving into fully equipped cooking areas, mirroring the convenience and functionality of indoor kitchens.


Smart appliances in 2023

#1 Consumer Interest Remains Relatively Low

Smart appliances have been a buzzword in the industry, but there's been a lack of clarity about what this technology entails. While manufacturers are keen on promoting smart appliances, consumers often find themselves confused by the concept. However, there are useful features in some smart appliances, like refrigerators that send alerts when doors are left open and laundry machines that notify when cycles are finished. Despite these benefits, overall consumer interest in smart appliances remains relatively low, partly due to privacy concerns and the desire for simplicity. The challenge for manufacturers lies in making smart technology more intuitive and less intrusive, ensuring that these appliances genuinely enhance the user experience.


Best selling appliances of 2023

#1 European Dishwashers

In 2023, European dishwashers continue to be preferred over American models due to their focus on efficient loading and operation. These models require users to load dishes more thoughtfully, contrasting with the more flexible loading approach of American dishwashers.

#2 Induction Cooking

In cooking appliances, induction cooking has become increasingly popular due to its efficiency and ease of cleaning. Induction cooktops generate heat at the source, making the kitchen cooler and cleanup simpler. The popularity of induction cooking also reflects a growing awareness of energy efficiency and safety, as these cooktops only heat the cooking vessel, not the surrounding air.

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 7.47.32 PMFerguson, GE Profile, 5 Burner Induction Cooktop in Stainless Steel

#3 Sub-Zero Refrigeration

Sub-Zero has maintained its position as a leader in the refrigeration segment. Known for its food preservation quality, customer service, and longevity, Sub-Zero appliances are seen as a long-term investment, offering value over time by reducing food waste and replacement costs. The brand's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction has cemented its status in the luxury appliance market. Sub-Zero's refrigerators are not just appliances; they are integral components of a well-designed kitchen, blending functionality with aesthetic appeal.


Energy Efficient Appliance Trends of 2023

#1. Challenges in Meeting New Efficiency Standards

Energy efficiency in appliances has improved significantly over the years, with dishwashers and laundry machines now using far less water per cycle compared to the past. However, meeting the continually evolving standards set by organizations like the EPA and Energy Star is becoming increasingly challenging for manufacturers. Some brands are even opting out of Energy Star certification due to the high costs of meeting these stringent requirements. This trend highlights the delicate balance between advancing technology for greater efficiency and keeping appliances affordable and accessible to the average consumer.


Top Care and Maintenance tips for flooring

#1. Read the Appliance Instructions

To ensure appliances last and age gracefully, it's crucial to read the instructions and use the products correctly.

#2. Perform Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance, akin to servicing a car, is essential, especially for appliances like ice machines and coffee systems. Ignoring maintenance prompts can lead to irreversible damage and reduced efficiency. Proper care and maintenance are key to maximizing the lifespan and performance of home appliances. Homeowners should also consider seeking professional help for regular servicing to maintain optimal functionality.


Jon’s Personal Favorite Appliance Pick of 2023

#1. Built-In Coffee System

Jon Everhart expressed a particular fondness for modern coffee systems, likening their ease of use to operating an iPhone. These systems can create various coffee drinks at the push of a button, exemplifying the convenience and advanced technology available in today's appliances. The popularity of these coffee systems reflects a broader trend towards appliances that offer a blend of luxury, convenience, and customization. They cater to the growing demand for barista-quality coffee at home, adding a touch of sophistication to daily routines.

Screen Shot 2024-01-04 at 7.52.58 PMFerguson, Thermador, 24-Inch Wide Built-In Coffee Machine with Home Connect


Residential appliance Trends of 2023 with AV Architects + Builders and ferguson

The insightful dialogue between Francisca Alonso and Jon Everhart sheds light on the significant trends and shifts in the home appliance industry for 2023. This year, we witnessed a remarkable evolution in appliance preferences and technologies, reflecting the changing lifestyles and priorities of homeowners. From the rise of colorful appliances and comprehensive outdoor kitchen setups to the nuanced world of smart technology, these trends offer a glimpse into the future of home living.

The appliance trends of 2023 discussed in this interview reflect a dynamic shift towards more personalized, efficient, and technologically advanced home environments. These trends are shaping the way we think about and interact with appliances in our homes, moving towards solutions that are not only in line with current design preferences but also equipped to meet the demands of modern living.

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